and Al-Ateen meetings. Hope and help for families and friends of alcoholics. Due to Covid 19 and changing guidelines for meetings, please call contacts listed for current meeting information. Cedaredge: Thursday at 8 pm, contact, Jan 970-250-8414 or Kim 904-699-7507. Delta: Tuesday at 7:30 pm, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 5th & Palmer, masks and social distancing required. Contact, Elizabeth 970-874-9832. <B>Delta Al-Ateen</B>, Tuesday at 7:30 pm, call first, contact, Elizabeth 970-874-9832, or Shirley 970-323-5067. Hotchkiss: Monday at 12 noon, contact, Walt 970-462-2760. Montrose: Monday at 7 pm, First Presbyterian Church 1840 East Niagara Road, masks and social distancing required. Contact Willard 303-520-2870 or Karis 970-275-4107. <B>Al-Ateen Meeting</B>, Monday at 7 pm, contact, Michelle 970-209-5097. Thursday  at 12 noon, contact, Lucy 970-596-9919 or Lisa 979-275-1010. Sunday 3:30 pm, contact, Kate 207-751-1509. Paonia: Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, contact, Marjorie 970-433-1856, Lisa 949-395-3608 or Chris 970-527-3366. 1ufnc


  • Starting Thursday, March 18th, 2021, repeated every day @ 12:00 am