*****************This has been canceled per the Governor's shelter in place order.
Delta County's Volunteer Coalition has been active for a week, with individuals in every community coming forward to give of their time and talents; the Coalition is organizing Donation Drive, and they need your help!

The Delta County Drive-Thru Donation day will be held on Saturday, March 28, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, at Bill Heddles Recreation Center, in Delta, and at Heritage Hall in Hotchkiss.  The purpose of the event is to secure hard to come by items that people or businesses may have, that they can donate.  There is a significant shortage of these items, which will go directly to local Delta County Nursing Homes, and First Responders.

Needed Items: 

·         Baby Formula

·         N95 Face Masks

·         Nitrile & Vinyl Gloves  -- NO latex please

·         Safety goggles or glasses

·         Bleach

·         Isopropyl Alcohol

·         Hydrogen Peroxide

·         New or Used CLEAN Face Shields

·         Tyvek Painter Coveralls

·         Disinfectant Spray 

·         Disinfectant Wipes

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Shoe Covers

·         Surgical Gowns

“The Delta County Joint Information System has recently launched our COVID-19 Community Response Campaign, Delta County Resilient; the Delta County Drive-Thru Donation Day falls perfectly in line with our initiative,” says Darnell Place-Wise, Delta County Public Information Officer, “Delta County is nothing if not resilient, and no one comes together better than Delta County does, in a crisis.  We are hoping that if there are Automotive Shops, Dentist offices, or Construction Companies that have excess, that they would consider donating them.”

For more information on the Delta County Drive-Thru Donation Day, please contact Delta County Volunteer Coordinator Brian Ayers at 970-874-2082.