delta county commissioners

In today’s Board of County Commissioners regular meeting, the Delta County Commissioners had a presentation from Pete Blair, of Blair and Associates, regarding their 2019 audit findings.

Financial highlights for Delta County include:

  • Total revenues in 2019 for all governmental activities were $25,989,150.  Total expenditures in 2019 for all governmental activities were $24,985,276.
  • Delta County’s assets exceeded liabilities by $168.2 million at the end of 2019.  Of this $146M is invested in capital assets, $3.4 million is restricted by law and $18.8 million is to be used meet the government’s ongoing obligations to citizens and creditors.
  • In 2019, Delta County showed cash and investments of $23,454,244.

There were fund balances totaling $12,304,728.00 that are classified as restricted, committed and special revenue funds; these funds cannot be drawn upon for anything outside of their specific intent.  “Delta County doesn’t just have $23M to “spend” as some individuals may think” said Pete Blair, “There are significant restrictions on what the county can and cannot do.  That being said, Delta County is in great financial health; Delta County staff really has a handle on spending, and takes great care with the money the taxpayers have entrusted with them.”

Delta County continues to have significant construction projects under way, to make room for a 3rd courtroom that his has been mandated by the State of Colorado.  “We don’t have a choice in the matter” said Board Chair Mark Roeber, “Thank goodness Delta County is financially healthy as the cost of the new courtroom, is out of our pocket, as well.”

You can find the 2019 Delta County Audit at: