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Delta, Colorado (October 2, 2020):  Delta County Commissioners unanimously vote to lift fire restrictions.

Delta County, effective immediately, will lift Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in Delta County. On Wednesday, September 30th, Governor Jared Polis’ Executive Order and state-wide fire ban expired according to the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC). Fire officials from county, state and federal agencies had their weekly Montrose Area Dispatch Area Fire Coordination Call on September 30th and during the call, fire officials felt that it was appropriate for fire restrictions to be lifted in the West Region. Fire managers based their decision on specific conditions across the region such as fuel moisture measurements, weather forecasts and availability of fire resources.
This morning, October 2, 2020, Sheriff Mark Taylor briefed the County Commissioners on the decision by the State, GMUG Forest, BLM and other counties to lift fire restrictions. The Board of County Commissioners agreed it is in the best interest of the county to remain consistent with other local, state and federal partners and allow hunters who will be camping to have a campfire for cooking and heat as we head into fall and freezing temperatures return. Commissioners passed Resolution 2020-R-024 to officially rescind open fire restrictions that were adopted August 19, 2020.
While fire restrictions are being lifted in Delta County, the County Commissioners, Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management would like to remind all residents and visitors to Delta County, especially those to the GMUG National Forest, to exercise extreme caution with campfires.
Campers should use established campfire rings that are in areas void of dry grasses, leaves and debris and ensure any fire is dead out by drowning with water, stirring and ensuring it is cold to the touch before leaving. Also, never leave a campfire unattended.
Fire-related information for the Western Slope can be found at . As fall settles in, we hope everyone can enjoy the cool weather, changing leaves and hunting season responsibly by exercising fire safety!
For more information on the GMUG National Forest lifting restrictions visit: