June 17-21st, held at the Blue Sage from 10:30-3:30 

The focus of this kids week-long class will be on the natural environment of the North Fork Valley including native plant species, outdoor settings and weather patterns.

Campers will look at the physical world around them with emphasis on bringing stories to life through animation of still objects with digital delivery.

This unique mix of historical home-based Maker Arts and story-telling delivered through the contemporary platforms of digital media and internet distribution fosters a deeper understanding of our integral relationship with the world while sharpening and honing technical skills required for living in the 21st Century. Instruction will be based on Appalachian craft, the survival and re-vival of living in the mountains.

The class will again be Instructed by Katie Hadar who lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a native and third generation Coloradoan, deeply committed to conservation, preservation, making, story-telling and motion media in the 21st Century. Katie teaches in Colorado, Montana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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