ROCKFORD, TN (August 7, 2019) – For the first time in the state of Colorado, Remote Area Medical- RAM® -- a major non-profit provider of mobile clinics delivering free, high-quality, dental, vision, and medical care to underserved and uninsured individuals-- held a clinic in Paonia this past weekend. On August 3rd and 4th, RAM staff and more than 250 professional and general support volunteers came together to provide $131,974 worth of free care to 301 people at Energy Tech. A wide array of free health services were offered at the clinic, including eye exams, glaucoma testing, eyeglass prescriptions and glasses made on site, women’s medical exams, chest/lung x-rays, general medical exams – much needed services, and dental cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

Sixty percent of those individuals seeking services have health insurance, so it was notable to have 23% of the patients at the clinic seeking general medical services. Typically, less than 10% of RAM clinic patients are seeking these services. Forty-four percent of patients in Paonia stated the availability of services as their primary reason for coming to the clinic. “Unless something changes drastically, RAM will continue to fill the gaps for those who are underserved and underinsured and who, unfortunately, do not have access to a doctor, dentist, or optometrist, just because they can’t afford one,” said RAM CEO Jeff Eastman.

Many people were pleased to be able to take advantage of the multiple services provided, including Ashley, who came to the Paonia clinic because she was in need of new glasses and a general medical exam. As a working mom, her children are her first priority. Her children have coverage, but she does not. When she found out about the clinic in Paonia, she had to come see it for herself. She walked out with a new pair of glasses and can now see clearly. When asked what she would have done if the free vision and medical services were not provided at the clinic, she said “I honestly didn’t know that this was a thing [or] that this even happened. So, I probably would have eventually saved our money, but my kids are more important than me right now. As long as they’re taken care of, I’m good.”

For more information about RAM’s mobile clinics, visit www.ramusa.org or call 865-579-1530.

About Remote Area Medical: RAM is a major non-profit organization that operates mobile clinics delivering free, high- quality, dental, vision, and medical services to underserved and uninsured individuals who do not have access to or cannot afford a doctor. Since RAM was founded in 1985, more than 135,000 volunteers—comprised of licensed dental, vision, and medical professionals, as well as general support volunteers—have treated more than 785,000 individuals delivering $135 million worth of free health care services. Last year, RAM held clinics in Tennessee, Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Haiti, and the Philippines. Upcoming RAM clinic locations include Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Nevada, Maryland and Kentucky.