The term “essential workers” has found its way to the forefront of the English lexicon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current events have brought to light the importance of many of our community members that we have previously taken for granted - the local ICU nurse who left for New York City when they were in desperate need, or the local firemen who spent an entire day making a young boy’s birthday special during the stay-at-home order, by showing up with sirens wailing and lights ablaze. 

Many of our hometown heroes claim to be simply doing their jobs. But the self-sacrificing efforts of hardworking community members to make graduation special, or to make sure folks have food on their table, have not gone unnoticed. Some of these champions are juggling work and family between their altruistic endeavors, and none of them would dream of seeking the need for recognition. However, they are recognized by many, and the High Country Shopper would like to celebrate these everyday, extraordinary people who exemplify the best of the human spirit.

On the eve of the the anniversary of our country’s independence, we have reserved a special section in the July 1st edition of the High Country Spotlight to honor the men and women from our community who selflessly serve as teachers, police officers, healthcare workers, members of the military, volunteers and more. We hope to honor these unsung heroes of Delta County through this small recognition and realize that we could never begin to cover the unending list of worthy candidates without your input. 

Do you know somebody who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make our community a better place? If so, you can nominate your hero by emailing a photo of that person and a paragraph of 150 words or less, explaining why he/she is a hometown hero. Please submit your nominees to Heroes@HighCountryShopper.com. The deadline for nominations is Monday, June 15.

The High Country Shopper would like to recognize all of our local essential workers, volunteers, and everyday heroes for their unwavering dedication to our community.